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..:: Notes on FreeBSD ::..

below are my notes on FreeBSD and various configs


FreeBSD is a great general purpose OS. it can do everything. it is easy to use, manage and had a ton of apps avail.
hardware support is good, from raspberry-pi's to supercomputers, and because of its truly 'libre' license, is used (wholly or in part) in a number of commercial products.

The test-based install is old-skool, so it's quick and easy to spin up a server.
At home, it's installed on one of my Raspberry-PI 3b+ serving DNS via Unbound.
It for the basis of my FreeNAS data storage system, is inside my PS3 and PS4, my Nintendo Switch and my Pioneer Plasma TV. It's running on an old PC, as well as many vms on my lan and lab networks.
At work it performs, web, wiki, proxy, dns and system-monitor duties.

A FreeBSD-Desktop is not hard, but requires a little more work, which might put off those windows, mac, or desktop-linux users so used to graphical installers, and full-featured ready2go distros.
Graphics support has sometimes been lacking, but more often the lack of vendor support and/or commercial software support means BSD can be a 2nd-class citizen.

Keeping FreeBSD base updated is easy, # freebsd-update fetch, freebsd-update install
upgrade to the next version, # freebsd-update -r 13.2-RELEASE

Maintain additional packages, # pkg update, , pkg audit, pkg upgrade, pkg search, pkg info etc…

find disks
#fstyp /dev/
#gpart show

ZFS filesystem with zpool and zfs
Boot environments with bectl
linux binary compat
hypervisor with bhyve

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