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quick notes on sendmail
on freebsd files located in /etc/mail
access = (relay, ok, reject, error, discard)
alias = root _tab_ me@domain.tld
mailertable = .domain.tld _tab_ smtp:[dest]
relay-domains = .domainX.tld (relay for) backup mx for others
to update access and mailertable use #makemaps
to update aliases run #newaliases or make alias
all other changes need daemon restart
virtual domains eg host.domain.tld
local-hostnames = domain1, domain2
usermapping edit the virtualusertable file
me@domain.tld _tab_ username
@domain.tld _tab_ error:nouser
use #makemaps to update
use for the config file
smart_host entry for relaying smtp upstream
#make all
#make install

Blacklisting via spamhaus, zen, sbl
unc dnsbl feature

greylisting via bobbeck openbsd and pf, using spamd
or Milter (mail filter) 'milter.greylist' in ports
mxpeers and lists
acl greylist default delay 2h
acl greylist default autowhite 30d
milters add to bottom of /.mc files
#make all | restart

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