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Stationary - a short list of items I have used, would buy again, and would recommended to others
I have a strong preference for Japanese and Europeans made models
not listed are items i have 1, not tried, or 2, tried but not liked


although you can find a HB pencil anywhere, I prefer broader/softer lead, B, 2B, 3B, 4B.


Faber-Castell 9000 - DE
Mars Lumograph - DE
Lyra Polycolor - DE
Dewant Studio - GB


bit of a speciality item, shockingly i've found that anyone will do ….i even have some asian clones of popular models, and they work just fine. - how weird.


im torn here, many people like/use mechanical pencils because they dont have the inconveiences of a wooden pencil, however i find them annoying and scratchy to write with. i much prefer the 0.7 size for general duties, but 0.5 appears the industry standard. there are also differnces in the clutching or lead advancement and releasing of the lead, as well as the sleave guide.

for techincal design work mechanical pencils really shine. accuracy of 0.3 and 0.5 , deliver consistent lines, and metal guide ensures good contract with drawing aids, and limits breakage.

my ideal has 0.7, retacting guide, and some shock absorbtion.

the bic quantech that i found on the road has exacly these features. cheap, strong and normal looking. mainly silver plastic, with a touch of chrome on the grip. writes very well and lead hard to break. - however i think they have been discontinued.

faber-castell tk fine 9715, entry level tech drawing model, made in Germany, boring, works. i find as a writter im snapping lead all the time. dark green only, stainless highlights, retractable sleave.

more in progress.


everyone has them, everyone knows them, you would think it would be a really long list…. but it seems stationary manufactures still have trouble making a well constructed pen body, paired with reasonable ink.
several more pens would be on this list, however annoyannce suchas bodies cracking, leaking ink, poorly machined seams, clunky retracting mechanism, clips that break, and lids that dont post. - really!!!


ballpoints aren't cool anymore, however they are cheap, work anywhere, and very long lasting

bic crystal - FR - the classic biro, surely the worlds most accessible pen, it just works. it's so cheap you'll have them all over the place. still made in France, and come in a range of colours and nib sizes.

pilot bps - JP - this is my favourite 'cheap' ballpoint. capped or retractble, several colours and sizes, i prefer the retracable in medium blue. made in Japan, perfect everyday carry, will not look out of place in a business meeting, and so afforable that you'll happily lend/giveaway. some people might find the tip tapping noise annoying.

stabilo pointball - DE - this one suprised me.. a proper but plastic parker g2 style refill. really nice smooth writer, good in the hand, a larger body, and very afforable, though may be harder to aquire than the two above. a few dollars more, but the g2 will last a long time. i have even considered buying these refills for the Jotter below. - however, it is very 'orange' and may not be for everyone. probably not one for the boardroom.

parker jotter - GB/FR - just a classic. good pen, looks smart, and won't break the bank if lost. g2 refill available everywhere, probably slimmer than most people might expect, though there is now an XL version. the colour lineup is often refreshed, and there are metal and plastic variants. i prefer the older arrow clip and button logos. the parker g2 gel refill is not bad either for those that like lighter pressure.

caran dache 849 - CH - alternative to a jotter.. understated class, just imagine a swiss banker. love it. harder to get, not cheap. some might even say poor value, and the larger 'goliath' refills are limitted - but its a real sleeper, and there are many variants, designer colabs, and seasonal versions. - but it is truely swiss made.


pilot frixton
uniball signo
pilot g-2


Staedtler triplus 334


in progress


Lamy Safari


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